I wrote Isabella’s Earth and the Forces of Doom from a little sprig of an idea shortly after my son was born in early 1997. However, it took me ten years to finally start writing it, and only after I felt a very strong intuitive push to sit down and finally begin to write. Starting without an outline - much less a full concept of the story - I simply thought about writing a story about a young girl and her relationship with the faeries.

So, that first evening, I closed my eyes and the story simply began to flow. Every night after putting my son to bed, I would (again) close my eyes, not knowing where the story would go next - placed my fingers on the keyboard and the story would effortlessly pick up from where I left it the night before, and begin to flow again from my imagination, to my fingertips and onto the page.

Writing Isabella's Earth was a profound experience for me - one of my own evolutionary tale - the micro and macrocosm expressing itself bit by bit.  Spending my childhood summers at our family cottage on a small lake in southern Wisconsin, I have always felt a deep connection to Mother Earth, and writing Isabella's Earth revealed another layer of our connection to a greater awareness.

Isabella’s Earth and the Forces of Doom, is a story that speaks to the very real problems that humanity is facing today and a fundamental need to inspire our children to appreciate and reconnect to nature and to live harmoniously with it.

My hopes for Isabella's Earth is for my young readers come away feeling a renewed connection to Nature and realize their personal responsibility in making the small changes that will have a positive and collective impact on the health of humanity and our beautiful home, Mother Earth.

To accompany the books, I have designed the Isabella's Earth jewelry collection, along with the seasonal subscription box to further engage children and their families with fun and educational projects - all relating to living harmoniously with Nature and each other.

A portion of all sales proceeds will go toward funding the Isabella's Earth non-profit foundation and to helping children around the world.